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規劃申請及意見書/Planning Application and Comment Form


規劃申請的詳細內容的連結 (除了第一部份的行政摘要外,其餘的部份,只有英文版):







請填上有關的意見書 (按下面連結下載) ,並依意見書上所列的方式遞交


Submission of Zoning Application Regarding Government Hill to the Town Planning Board by the Government Hill Concern Group

For the full text of the zoning applications, please click to the following link:

Link to the Full text of the Planning Applicatioons (The Executive Summary is at Part 1):

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

The link of the planning application on the Town Planning Board website:

Please support the Planning Application of the “Government Hill Concern Group” to designate the Government Hill as a “Heritage Precinct”.

Please fill in the comment form (click on the link below for downloading the form), and submit the comment form in accordance with the instructions as appeared in the comment form.

Planning Application Comment Form

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